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Reduce your joint problems & feel young again.

PureTrim Joint Tea

4.5 oz

Improve your flexibility & mobility with a delicious iced fruit tea!

PureTrim Joint Tea is a special blend of greens that support healthy joint & muscle function, and improve flexibility & mobility.

Joint Tea is blended with 41 Organic Greens, Fruits, Vegetables, and Sprouts, an Organic StemGreens Blend, and contains no questionable Glucosamine, Chondroitin, or MSM.

Joint Tea comes in a delicious tropical fruit flavor, and mixes with just ice and water.

Customer Reviews


Cherie, WA, US

Prior to starting Pure Trim Joint Tea, I could barely do one squat, climb up the stairs or even sit down & get up without problems with my right knee. After 3 days (72 hours) of drinking Joint Tea, my joint problems reduced immensely! This stuff is amazing and has a great taste so you will not mind drinking it! I highly recommend it!

Pete Plitt, CA, US

I don't have joint, muscle or bone issues, so was not sure what to expect. After only a couple days of using the Joint Tea, I noticed my workout recovery time was only a fraction of what it had been. Nice.

Andrew Plitt, OR, US

I have an old knee injury and my knee would tighten up when hiking downhill or running. After 3 days of using joint tea my knee wasn't tightening up when I would run. About 2 weeks ago I hiked to the top of Mt. Lassen (that's about a 2,000 ft. climb from the trail head) and my knee didn't tighten up once during the whole hike up or down the mountain.

Paka, HI, US

I love the Joint Tea, it helped me within 48 hours of my first serving. I can move better and I am able to get out and surf again!

George, CA, US

I have had stiff muscles and joints since my early 30's, now I feel like I am 22 again. I am able to go do things I haven't done for years. Joint Tea gave me results quickly and tastes great too. Being more active has also helped me lose weight and enjoy time with my family!

Real People, Real Results

"I don't have to choke on pills any more - it's just wonderful!"


"I started noticing that my neck wasn't stiff anymore, my shoulders were more relaxed!"


"The product really did help with my muscle tightness."


"I don't have to take a handful of pills, and I can feel the difference in 72 hours."


"I was able to get up and out - my mobility was greatly increased. I was able to go dancing again."