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Look 10 years younger.

Pure Gardens Skin Serum

2 Ounces

Discover Pure Gardens Skin Serum, an organic way to look 10 years younger without chemicals or additives of any kind.

Pure Gardens Skin Serum has over 100 uses for the face and body!

This time-tested beauty serum is blended with 11 organic plants and essential oils including powerful organic Plant StemCells. This Mediterranean serum helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, saggy skin, cellulite and crepey skin. You could see results in less than 5 days!


Customer Reviews


Sherry, ID, US

Love that this serum is Organic Plant stem Cells - no chemicals - it make my body feel so soft, no more dryness and my face feels so refreshed and soft. It also helped with fine lines - they are gone!!

Pete, CA, US

I was in a hurry with a new shaving razor in hand. Ended up slicing my chin pretty good, so applied Pure Gardens Serum. By evening the skin had already mended showing a pink line where the cut had been. Now a jar goes with me when backpacking and camping.

Joe Wolfe, TX, US

It also makes a great after shave treatment for your skin. I am 68 and constantly get comments on how, young and healthy my skin looks

Gavin, CA, US

Great product and really helps with the hot weather and prevents my face from drying out in the heat.

Cherie K. , WA, US

At 46 years of age, I do NOT have the crows feet and wrinkles that I see on many of my friends who are my age or older. Pure Gardens is all I use on my face... no need for any other anti-wrinkle creams or moisturizers. And I love using it on my body because it keeps my skin baby soft, supple, and toned!

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