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Boost your immune system and strengthen your natural defenses.

Immune Boost StarterPak (16)


With these two amazingly powerful products, you can have the immune system support your body needs.

  • Daily Complete® provides 243 vitamins, minerals, organic fruits & vegetables, and other important accessory nutrients to your body in one liquid ounce a day.
  • SynergyDefense® is a balanced blend of enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, plant minerals, and Mediterranean 100% plant-based immunity ingredients to help support the immune system.

Customer Reviews (16)

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Zalia Hagenaars

11/30/21 - 7:18PM



I always order the pack because it gives you the vitamin and the probiotic and saves money!

Bernadette W

04/29/21 - 8:36PM



I just love these products, I have been taking them since last September and can't believe the difference I see in myself.

Tony P

04/06/21 - 4:53PM



Awesome products, the Immune Boost starter pack is my favorite, I tell all my friends and family about it.

Kenny N

12/28/20 - 6:01PM



Staying healthy and strong with the Immune Boost Starter Pack!

Mark B.

12/10/20 - 10:11PM



This is the best product combination to boost immunity and get my daily amount of vitamins. It's a must-have purchase every 30 days, and definitely saves me money in the long run.

Sandy Hope

11/10/20 - 5:31PM



I use these products every day and they really help once it starts to get cold and those around me start getting sick more. I know it’s saved me during this season several times.


08/19/20 - 3:42PM



Since adding a health plan With Puretrim. I get a boost. More energy.I laugh more, helps maintain my weight and Younger looking and I am so excited everyday.

Melody W

06/29/20 - 8:46PM



All the Pure Trim products are great but right now I'm especially excited about the Immune Boost starter pack. I have stayed healthy taking these products.

Wendy G

06/25/20 - 7:21PM



it is a good time to think about your immune system, this pack is a great value, this is a bargin!


05/06/20 - 6:20PM



These products boost your immune system, and create a healthier you!!

Karen S

04/23/20 - 8:45PM



My daughter went to college in the fall and kept getting sick. At winter break, I gave her the Pure Trim Daily Complete and Synergy Defense to take back with her and she did not get sick once during the second semester. This stuff really works!

Ricardo A

04/23/20 - 8:43PM



Pure Trim has significantly impacted my life by providing me with rejuvenated Energy and a stronger Immune system.


04/21/20 - 4:42PM



Given me energy

John R

04/06/20 - 6:29PM



I highly recommend is the Synergy Defense. This is just what we all need right now. It gives an incredible boost to our immune system.


04/06/20 - 5:37PM



Wonderful products and came so fast. Felt a difference right away.

Samera Z

03/21/20 - 12:48AM



Amazing products, tried, tested and true. So grateful that I ordered a few extra multi-vitamin Daily Completes to ensure I get the nutritional requirements for all the members in my family I've been using Synergy Defense and so glad I'm already on the right track. Establishing and maintaining an effective preventative health regimen is fundamental when we take personal responsibility for our health and well-being.